MOST Scholarship to Chiara Paletta

I have recently supervised a MOST MSc scholar, Chiara Paletta of the University of Calabria, in cooperation with Prof Marco Rossi (Calabria) - March-July 2019. Chiara has successfully defended her thesis in Calabria on the quantum version of the Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equation, discussing work done during her time at Surrey.


EPSRC-SFI grant ``Solving spins and strings'' jointly with Dr. Marius de Leeuw (Trinity College Dublin). The total value to Surrey is 487,604 pounds (with a commensurate amount from SFI to Trinity College). It includes money for a postdoc (Dr Juan Miguel Nieto), travel, and 20% time for the PI. The project started in September 2019 and runs for 3 years [link here].


Please see here for the conference which Andrea Prinsloo and I organised here at Surrey on March 28th 2018.

Conference: New Trends in Quantum Integrability

Please see here for the conference Sara Pasquetti, Vidas Regelskis and I organised in August 2014.

Network in Applied Geometric Mechanics

Please see here for the webpage maintained by the network coordinators (formerly Cesare Tronci, currenlty Paul Skerritt).

Research Interests

My research interests are Lie algebras and Lie superalgebras, quantum groups and integrable systems. More specifically, I worked on integrable aspects of the AdS/CFT correspondence and on the problem of non-ultralocality in integrable systems.

Integrability in AdS/CFT


The spectral problem in AdS/CFT can be cast into the problem of diagonalizing an integrable Hamiltonian. The dynamics can be encoded in a two-body R-matrix, satisfying the Yang-Baxter equation. The R-matrix is invariant under a non-conventional quantum group of Yangian type. This new quantum group exhibits a deformed coproduct and a novel symmetry ("secret" or "bonus") which extends the algebra only starting from the Yangian level one.

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