About Me

Before University I did a Year In Industry at Cambridge Consultants Ltd. working in the ASICs department. Through this I first got my teeth into programming learning the basics of Matlab and C. I returned during my summer holidays while at The University of Surrey studying Electronic Engineering with an EU Language. My course also involved a years Placement which I completed at Philips Semiconducteurs, Caen, France. Whilst in France I was working on embedded software for mobile phone cameras and it was here that my interest in computer vision began. On my return to the UK I entered my final year and chose a project with Richard Bowden which was an augmented white board, in short a Plasma Screen with 2 cameras that watched for motion and calculated the position of it on the screen. A non-touch touch screen! I graduated with a 1:1 in June 2005.

I completed my PhD in 2010, also at The University of Surrey working with Richard Bowden as my supervisor in the field of Sign Language Recognition and then went on to work as a researcher on the European Project DictaSign. Currently I am migrating my role to supporting other researchers with their proposals and projects. I also helped organise the British Machine Vision Conference in Sept 2012 (BMVC2012).