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4th International Conference
of B and Z Users

University of Surrey, Guildford, UK, 13-15 April 2005
Organised by APCB and the Z User Group

ZB2005 online registration instructions

The online registration form allows you to pre-register for ZB2005 and RefineNet. Payment of the registration fee must be carried out offline once this form has been submitted.

General advice

All fields marked * must be filled.

Take care when entering your email address. This address will be used to provide confirmation of your conference registration.

All prices are given in pounds sterling (GBP/£).


If you wish to qualify for one of the early registration tariffs, payment must reach us no later than 11th March 2005.

If you wish to register using one of the student tariffs. you must provide written evidence of your student status, by fax, to +44(0)1483 686 116.

Cancellations may be made, without penalty, until 11th March 2005. To do so, please contact the Conference Administrator, Sophie Gautier O'Shea.

A discount applies to members of BCS-FACS who are registering for the main conference. If you wish to claim this discount, please tick the box. It is not necessary for you to provide proof of membership - we will obtain the appropriate information.

Getting assistance

If you make a mistake (by submitting erroneous data, for example) or have any other problems completing the registration form, please contact Rob Delicata.

Campus Accommodation

There are a limited number of rooms available on campus and they will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis. Details of off-campus accommodation can be found here.

The rooms are available for either three nights (12th-14th April) or four nights (11th-14th April) at a cost of 32 per night. This price includes breakfast.

Please note that the campus accommodation is in student rooms organised in blocks of seven. Although the rooms contain a wash basin, bath and shower facilities are shared with other residents of the block.

If you choose campus accommodation, please wait for confirmation that a room has been reserved before payment of the registration/accommodation fee.


You must select one of three payment options: Credit card, cheque, or bank transfer. Payments are handled offline. Instructions for payment are given once the registration form has been submitted. Nonetheless, these instructions are duplicated below.

Payment by credit card

To pay by credit card, please fill in the form below, and fax it (along with the confirmation of your registration) to +44 (0)1483 686 116. The fax machine is in a secure location.

Name of cardholder:
Card number:
Security No. (3 extra digits on signature strip):
Expiry date:
Start date:
Type of card (circle one): VISA - MASTERCARD - SOLO - JCB - SWITCH - AMEXCO
Cost code: 10440-MB8000
Issue No. (Switch transactions only):
Cardholder's address and contact
telephone number:
Cardholder's signature:

Payment by cheque

Please make your cheques payable to University of Surrey. Cheques should be sent to: Mrs S. Gautier O'Shea, Department of Computing, University of Surrey, GU2 7XH. UK. Please quote reference 10440-MB8000.

Payment by bank transfer

Payment by bank transfer should be made to the following account:

Name: University of Surrey
Account No.: 58080716
Sort code: 60-09-50
Swift code: NWB KTB 2L
IBAN code: GB82NWBK60095058080716
Bank address: National Westminster Bank plc
University of Surrey
United Kingdom

Please quote reference 10440-MB8000.



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