Below is a list of projects that I have either supervised or co-supervised

Summer Research Projects

  1. J. Rowe (2018) Coupled fluid/vessel sloshing motion in a cylindrical vessel: Understanding the 1:1 resonance. University of Surrey (EPSRC funded).
  2. M. Chavez Malacara (2018) Pulse interaction in the Ginzburg-Landau equation. University of Surrey (EPSRC funded). (with Dr D. J. Lloyd)
  3. S. Cleator (2014) Investigating the formation of nonlinear cat's eye structures in stretched 3D vortices. University of Surrey (EPSRC funded).
  4. S. Cleator (2013) Analysis of a mathematical model of iron uptake in the human body. University of Surrey (EPSRC funded). (with Dr G. Derks, Dr R. Elliott)
  5. E. Rwemigabo & E. Hawkins (2012) Maths and Iron Absorption in the Body. University of Surrey (MILES funded). (with Dr G. Derks, Dr R. Elliott)

BSc Projects

  1. R. Phillips (2016) Analysis of the Evolution of Fluid Free-Surface Sloshing. University of Surrey.
  2. C. Holmes (2013) Mathematics of Aerofoils. University of Surrey.
  3. K. Orundiran (2011) Mathematical modelling of inviscid flow around aerodynamic bodies. University of Brighton.
  4. H. Patel (2011) Mathematical investigation of boundary layer transition on aerodynamic bodies. University of Brighton.
  5. E. Wamuhu (2011) Modelling of diesel spray penetrations at early times. University of Brighton.
  6. K. Kestin (2008) Aerofoil Dynamics. University of Exeter.

BSc Literature Reviews

  1. A. Baker (2015) Traffic Flow. University of Surrey.
  2. T. McFall (2014) The Mathematics of Projectiles in Motion in Sport. University of Surrey.

MSc/MMath Projects

  1. G. Lawrence (2020) Fluid Dynamics of balls in sport. University of Surrey.
  2. K. Boniface (2019) Dynamics of Free Vortices. University of Surrey.
  3. J. Smart (2018) Viscous Eddies and Corner Flow. University of Surrey.
  4. C. Haines (2018) Hydrodynamic Stability in Shear Flows. University of Surrey.
  5. K. Massey (2013) Research and derive equations which govern dissolution and precipitation in a variety of bio-relevant fluids. Implement these equations in a MATLAB model and optimise parameters based on experimental data. University of Surrey. (on placement at GSK)
  6. A. Oxley (2013) Normal Modes in Atmosphere Dynamics. University of Surrey. (with Prof. I. Roulstone)

PhD Theses

  1. D. J. Hill (20??) University of Surrey. (with Dr D. J. Lloyd)
  2. Y. H. Huang (2019) Dynamic Coupling between Fluid Motion and Rectilinear Vessel Motion in a System of Connected Vessels University of Surrey.
  3. D. J. Ratliff (2017) Conservation laws, multiphase modulation, and the emergence of universal forms. University of Surrey. (with Prof T. J. Bridges)
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