CVSSP, University of Surrey

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CVSSP, University of Surrey

Transfer learning techniques are motivated by the fact that people can intelligently apply knowledge learned previously to solve new problems faster or with better solutions in different (but related) domains.
Brief Introduction to Transfer Learning Concept


Journal Articles

A. Ahrabian, N. Farajidavar, P. Barnaghi,
A Class of Sequential Change Detection Algorithms Using Volatility Filtering
, submmitted to the IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, Aug 2016

N. FarajiDavar, N. Papachristou, P. Barnaghi, R. Maguire,
Smart and Connected eHealth for Personalised Healthcare
, submitted to Future Generation Computer Systems, June 2016

D. Puiu, R. Tönjes, D. Kümper, M. A. Intizar, A. Mileo, J. Parreira, M. Fischer, S. Kolozali, N. Farajidavar, S. Bischof, F. Gao, T. Iggena, T. Pham, P. Barnaghi, C. Nechifor, D. Puschmann, J. Fernandes
CityPulse: Large Scale Data Analytics Framework for Smart Cities
IEEE Access Journal, Dec 2015

N. FarajiDavar, S. Kolozali and P. Barnaghi
A Deep Multi-View Learning Framework for City Event Extraction from Twitter Data Streams
Web application
) re-submitted to ACM Trans. on Intel. Syst. and Tech. (TIST), special issue on Social Media Processing, Dec 2016.

Conference Papers

N. Papachristou, C. Miaskowski, P. Barnaghi, R. Maguire, N. Farajidavar, B. Cooper, X. Hu,
Comparing Machine Learning Clustering with Latent Class Analysis on Cancer Symptoms Data
, In preceedings of IEEE-NIH Special Topics Conference on Healthcare Innovations and Point-of-Care Technologies, 2016

N. FarajiDavar, S. Kolozali and P. Barnaghi
Physical-Cyber-Social Similarity Analysis in Smart Cities
, In Preceedings of IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things, 2016.

N. FarajiDavar and T.E. deCampos and J. Kittler
Transductive Transfer Machine
In Proceedings of the Asian Conference on Computer Vision (ACCV), 2014

N. FarajiDavar and T.E. deCampos and J. Kittler
Adaptive Transductive Transfer Machine
In the British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC), 2014

T. E. deCampos and A. Khan and F. Yan and N. FarajiDavar and D. Windridge and J. Kittler and W. Christmas
A framework for automatic sports video annotation with anomaly detection and transfer learning
In Machine Learning and Cognitive Science, collocated with EUCOGIII, 2013

N. FarajiDavar and T. E. deCampos and D. Windridge and J. Kittler and W. Christmas
Domain Adaptation in the Context of Sport Video Action Recognition
) In Domain Adaptation Workshop, in conjunction with NIPS, Sierra Nevada, Spain 2011

N. FarajiDavar and T. E. deCampos and J. Kittler and F.Yang
Transductive Transfer Learning for Action Recognition in Tennis Games
) In 3rd International Workshop on Video Event Categorization, Tagging and Retrieval for Real-World Applications (VECTaR), in conjunction with 13th Internatinal Conference on Computer Vision, Barcelona, Spain 2011