Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Surface Water Waves   13 August - 31 August 2001

Provisional programme for the Newton Institute EUConference on

Theoretical developments: two and three dimensional water waves

Organised by S.E. Belcher, T.J. Bridges & S.G. Sajjadi

EUConference Tuesday 28th August

Morning Session Breaking waves Session Chair: S.G. Sajjadi
8:30 Registration Newton Institute
9:25 H.K. Moffatt (Cambridge) Welcome from the Director of the Newton Institute
9:30 V.E. Zakharov (Landau Institute) Recent achievments in the dynamical and the statistical theory of surface water waves
10:30 COFFEE
11:00 M. Stiassne (Technion) Nonlinear interactions of inhomogeneous random water waves
11:30 H. Brednose (Technical University Denmark) A new breaking formulation for deterministic wave evolution equations
12:00 J. Duncan (Maryland) The three-dimensional surface structure of the crests of weak spilling breakers
Afternoon Session Extreme water waves Session Chair: V. Shrira
14:00 C. Swan (Imperial College) Modelling extreme ocean waves
14:30 E. Kuznetsov (Landau Institute) Cherenkov interaction of vortices with a free surface
15:00 M. Brown (Miami) Freak waves as catastrophes
15:30 TEA
16:00 D.H. Peregrine (Bristol) Violent water wave impact on walls
Institute Seminar Historical Lecture Session Chair: H.K. Moffatt
17:00 A.D.D. Craik (St. Andrews) Stokes and his precursors on water wave theory

EUConference Wednesday 29th August

Morning Session Wind-wave interaction Session Chair: T. Hara
9:00am V. Makin (KNMI) Impact of dominant waves on sea drag
9:30am L. Wyatt (Sheffield) The impact of non-linearities on HF radar ocean wave measurement
10:00 J. Willemsen (Miami) Deterministic modeling of deep water gravity waves, including driving and dissipation
10:30 COFFEE
11:00 M.E. McIntyre (Cambridge) Wind-generated water waves: two overlooked mechanisms?
11:30 D. Chalikov (NOAA) Direct modelling of 2-D and 3-D surface waves
12:00 M.S. Longuet-Higgins (UC San Diego) Asymptotic forms for jets formed from large standing waves
Afternoon Session Solitary waves Session Chair: M.S. Longuet-Higgins
14:00 R.H.J. Grimshaw (Loughborough) Coupled KP systems and stability of interfacial solitary waves
14:30 T. Akylas (MIT) Gravity-capillary solitary waves in deep water
15:00 M. Groves (Loughborough) A dimension-breaking phenomenon in the theory of gravity-capillary water waves
15:30 TEA
16:00 F. Dias (ENS Cachan) On the interaction between free-surface waves and internal waves
16:30 W. Craig (McMaster) Do three-dimensional solitary waves exist on the ocean surface ?

EUConference Thursday 30th August

Morning Session Three-dimensional water wave patterns Session Chair: W. Craig
9:30 P. Madsen (Technical University Denmark) A Boussinesq formulation for fully nonlinear and extremely dispersive water waves
10:00 D.M. Henderson (Penn State) Recent results from experiments on deep-water waves with two-dimensional surface patterns
10:30 COFFEE
11:00 M. Haragus-Courcelle (Bordeaux) Three-dimensional oblique steady water waves
11:30 C. Kharif (Marseille) About harmonic resonances in short-crested waves
12:00 P. Milewski (Wisconsin) Resonances between periodic waves and topography in shallow water
Afternoon Session Wave- wind- vortex- and turbulence--wave interaction Session Chair: W.K. Melville
14:00 S.I. Abarzhi (SUNY Stonybrook) On the nonlinear evolution of an unstable fluid interface
14:30 W.R.C. Phillips (Urbana-Champaign) On an instability to longitudinal vortices in strong shear beneath surface gravity waves
15:00 A. Balk (Utah) Anomalous behaviour of a passive tracer in wave turbulence
15:30 TEA
16:00 F.J. Ocampo-Torres (CICESE, Ensenada) On the spatial variability of wave spectrum in coastal regions
16:30 S. Annenkov (Shirshov Institute) Direct simulation of statistical properties of water wave dynamics
17:00 S.G. Sajjadi (J.C. Stennis Laboratory) Rapid distortion theory of turbulence over Stokes waves with application to new parameterization for air-sea interactions
Conference Dinner
19:30 Christ's College Dining Hall

EUConference Friday 31st August

Morning Session Water Waves Session Chair: S.A. Thorpe
9:30 S. Badulin (Shirshov) Multi-wave resonances and formation of high-amplitude waves in the ocean
10:00 P. Prasad (Bangalore) Riemann problem for kinematical conservation laws and geometrical features of nonlinear wavefronts
10:30 COFFEE
11:00 E.R. Johnson (University College London) tba
11:30 M.J. Cooker (East Anglia) Flows associated with violent water waves
12:00 S. Galiev (Auckland) Trans-resonant evolution of standing harmonic waves into travelling jet-soliton waves
Afternoon Session Freak waves and overview Session Chair: D.H. Peregrine
14:00 E. Pelinovsky (Russian AoS, Nizhny Novgorod) Freak wave phenomenon: theory and simulation
14:30 M. Banner (New South Wales) Overview of the issues raised at the programme and the future outlook
15:30 TEA

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