The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications

Wind over Waves 2001   3-5 September

Churchill College Cambridge

Provisional programme for the 3-day Conference on

Wind-over-Waves: Fundamentals, Forecasting and Applications

Organised by S.E. Belcher, T.J. Bridges, J.C.R. Hunt & S.G. Sajjadi

Monday 3rd September

Morning Session Session Chair: J.C.R. Hunt
9:00 Registration and Coffee Churchill College
9:50 J.C.R. Hunt (UCL) Welcome and Opening Remarks
10:00 W.K. Melville (UC San Diego)
Plenary Lecture
The initial generation of wind waves, currents and Langmuir circulations
11:00 M.E. McIntyre (Cambridge) Wind-generated water waves: two overlooked mechanisms ?
11:20 P.K. Taylor (Southampton)
(joint with M.J. Yelland)
On the accuracy of open ocean wind stress determination
11:40 P.A. Hwang (JC Stennis Space Center) Do wind-generated waves propagate primarily in the wind direction ?
Afternoon Session 1 Session Chair: W.K. Melville
14:00 J. Battjes (Delft)
Plenary Lecture
Long waves induced on a beach by short wave groups
15:00 T. Hara (Rhode Island)
(joint with S.E. Belcher)
Wind forcing in the equilibrium range of wind-wave spectra
15:20 J. Papadimitrakis
(joint with A.I. Papaioannou)
Sea surface roughness parameterization
15:40 TEA
Afternoon Session 2 Session Chair: V. Makin
16:00 M. Banner (UNSW)
Plenary Lecture
Recent advances in understanding wave breaking in deep water
17:00 D. Chalikov (NOAA) Two-dimensional coupled model of surface waves and wave boundary layer

Tuesday 4th September

Morning Session 1 Session Chair: T.J. Bridges
9:00am M.S. Longuet-Higgins (UC San Diego)
Plenary Lecture
Standing waves in the ocean
10:00 S. Annenkov (Shirshov)
(joint with V. Shrira)
Direct numerical simulation of random water wave dynamics
10:20 J.C.R. Hunt (UCL)
(joint with S.E. Belcher)
Unsteady, turbulent and vortical effects in wind-driven waves. Part 1 - air side
10:40 COFFEE
Morning Session 2 Session Chair: M.E. McIntyre
11:00 M.S. Longuet-Higgins (UC San Diego) Asymptotic form for jets from standing waves
11:20 A.-S. Smedman
(joint with U. Hogstrom)
Some observational results from the air-sea interaction site Ostergarnsholm in the Baltic Sea
11:40 W.R.C. Phillips (Illinois) Langmuir circulations beneath growing surface waves in a stratified fluid
Afternoon Session 1 Solitary waves Session Chair: M.S. Longuet-Higgins
14:00 T.J. Bridges (Surrey)
The Benjamin Memorial Lecture
The stability of solitary waves: geometry, numerics, and three-dimensionality
15:00 T. Akylas (MIT)
(joint with D.C. Calvo)
Gravity-capillary solitary waves in deep water and their stability
15:20 TEA
Afternoon Session 2 Session Chair: J. Battjes
15:40 D. Chalikov (NOAA) Three-dimensional coupled model of surface waves and wave boundary layer
16:00 G. Caulliez (Marseille)
(joint with G. Collard)
Coupled evolution of wind waves and wind stress at the early wave development
16:20 J.C.R. Hunt (UCL)
(joint with S.E. Belcher, I. Eames, D.D. Stretch)
Unsteady, turbulent and vortical effects in wind-driven waves. Part 2 - water side
16:40 T.M. Elfouhaily (IRPHE Marseille)
(joint with B. Chapron, G. Chen, D. Thompson, D. Vandemark)
Three-dimensional modulation of turbulent shear stress over oblique moving waves
Conference Dinner in honour of Julian Hunt's 60th Birthday
19:30 Churchill College Dining Hall

Wednesday 5th September

Morning Session 1 Session Chair: G. Caulliez
9:00 V. Makin (KNMI)
Plenary Lecture
Wind-over-waves coupling theory - A revision
10:00 S.I. Badulin (Shirshov)
(joint with V.I. Shrira & A.G. Voronovich)
Search for deterministic dynamics in experimental wind wave data
10:20 J.J. Green (Sheffield)
(joint with L.R. Wyatt)
The remote sensing of ocean waves with HF radar
10:40 COFFEE
Morning Session 2 Session Chair: S.E. Belcher
11:00 D. Chalikov (NOAA)
(joint with D. Sheinin)
Precise modelling of two-dimension potential waves
11:20 A.A. Grachev
(joint with C.W. Fairall, J.E. Hare, J.B. Edson, J.W. Bao)
Direction of wind stress vector over waves
11:40 S.G. Sajjadi (JC Stennis Space Center)
(presented by M.S. Longuet-Higgins)
Vorticity generated by parasitic capillary waves

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