Dr Timothy W C Brown CEng


I am currently working as an academic at the Centre for Communication Systems Research in the Department of Electronic Engineering at the University of Surrey. My specialist interests both in teaching and research are radio propagation, antenna design, RF circuit technologies and microwave printed circuits. Topics for research include RFID, NFC, UWB, MIMO, Small Cells, small terminal antenna design and propagation channel modelling for 4G and 5G mobile. Throughout my work I have also attained a broad range of practical, software, teaching and professional skills and experience in UK higher education policy that supports my career.




Date of Birth:

Some date roughly 29 years ago.



Further details available on request.





Working as a lecturer in RF, Antennas and Propagation at the Centre for Communication Systems Research, University of Surrey, Guildford, UK. Current responsibilities include:


  • Pursuing research interests in radio propagation, antenna design, RF circuit technologies, microwave printed circuits.
  • Supervision of over five PhD students currently including MIMO, RFID technologies, UWB, small antennas, channel modelling, NFC.
  • Teaching undergraduate and MSc modules in antennas, RF and microwave technologies, which include delivery of taught laboratories. Furthermore my responsibilities include being course director for a range of short courses for continuing professional development. Also teaching MATLAB to undergraduate students.
  • Administration duties as an IET student advisor, admissions tutor for exchange students, website management and assistance with marketing.
  • Responsibility for RF test and measurement facilities including anechoic chamber, RF laboratory and wideband MIMO channel sounder.


Working as an assistant research professor at the Antennas, Propagation and Radio Networking Section, Department of Electronic Systems, Aalborg University, Denmark. Project involves mobile radio channel characterisation and synthetic modelling at the mobile for Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) applications. Research has involved the following:

  • Measurement of outdoor to indoor 12x4 MIMO channels considering the whole channel with example mobile terminals interacting with the user and the indoor environment. Aim has been to characterise the eigenstate behaviour and its variance with time.
  • Simultaneous measurement of different 4x4 MIMO links where the channel from a wanted base station is compared with the link from an interfering base station to the same mobile. Channels and their eigenstates were compared to identify the independence between a wanted and interfering base station.
  • Theoretical models with regards to linking physical channels and their eigenstates to ascertain how eigenvectors and their corresponding eigenvalues change over time and what change in channel conditions will affect their performance. The theoretical models also have application to direct modem testing to analyse their change in eigenstates.
  • Produced conference and journal papers for publication. Deliverables written every six months not publicly available. The work involved regular use of MATLAB and LaTeX coding.


Undertook sabbatical post as General Secretary of a Scottish charity, The National Postgraduate Committee (NPC) of the United Kingdom. Post involved working as the only employed full time postgraduate student officer in the country keeping the daily running of the charity as well as speaking to government and national higher education bodies on behalf of over 500,000 postgraduates. The sabbatical has provided invaluable experience in professional development. More information about the NPC is available at http://www.npc.org.uk.


Teaching in laboratories, tutorials to 1st and 2nd year undergraduate students at the University of Surrey, UK, suitable to contribute towards higher education academy accreditation.

Also undertook design contract work on antenna design and software development for mobile radio propagation measurement applications.


Undertook a month’s placement with Nokia Mobile Phones, Camberley, UK, as part of PhD sponsorship scheme. Gained experience of the mobile antenna development environment, which provided a helpful start to the research.


Undertook 1 year placement with Nortel Networks, Harlow, UK, in antennas and propagation in the Radio Technology Group as part of undergraduate degree. A wide experience gained of antenna design, simulation, RF testing in antennas and propagation, software development and research. Major project within that involved implementing software to predict far field patterns from near field measurements of base station antennas.





University of Surrey, Guildford, UK

Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PGCAP) completed as part of a training programme within a lectureship. Developed several skills in teaching practice including:

·      Electronic voting (or peer instruction) teaching methods.

·      Group interaction to develop student learning within small lecture classes and allow students to support each other with their complementary skills and abilities.

·      Development of laboratory teaching resources.

·      Deeper engagement into linking teaching with research.


University of Surrey, Guildford, UK

PhD in Mobile Communications at the Centre for Communication Systems Research (CCSR) within the Electrical Engineering department. Thesis is entitled Antenna Diversity for Mobile Terminals under the supervision of Dr Simon Saunders. This involved theoretical and practical work in the area of mobile terminal antennas to investigate how to optimise diversity performance under the given limitations. Main research outcomes from the thesis included:


·      New theoretical models for spatial, polarisation and angular diversity characteristics of dual branch mobile terminal antennas.

·      A designer’s guide to interpret the results from theoretical models to assist in optimising the diversity performance.

·      Case study measurements using the new method including a handset with a planar and meandered monopole antenna as well as an Intelligent Quadrafilar Helix Antenna (IQHA)

·    A proposal for a testing rig to measure the full conformance of diversity antennas


Thesis can be downloaded from http://www.tim.brown76.name/thesis.html. Future applications of this work include diversity in different propagation environments, and multiple antenna applications for broadband communications.


BEng honours degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Main subjects covered in the degree course include RF Systems, Microwave Technology, Software Programming, Mobile and Satellite Communications. Gained much experience in practical and professional skills also. Professional training also included. Project work involved design and development of an Anechoic Chamber including driver software and measurement instructions.


King Edward VII School, Sheffield, UK

A Levels in Maths, Physics and Design and Technology.


Tapton School, Sheffield, UK

9 GCSE Subjects including Mathematics, Physics, Technology and German.




Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (MIET), Institution of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), Universities and Colleges Union (UCU) and Honorary Life Member of the National Postgraduate Committee (NPC). Within the IEEE I am a member of the Vehicular Technology Society and the Antennas and Propagation Society.




Have served as a technical programme committee (TPC) chair in IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference.


Have performed several reviews on conference and journal papers including the following:


  • IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, Vehicular Technology, Communications, Wireless Communications.
  • IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communication.
  • IET Journal of Microwaves Antennas and Propagation, Communications.
  • IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference.
  • Wiley International Journal of Satellite Communications and Networking.




Software skills in IT including Microsoft Office, LaTeX, Windows, UNIX, Linux and Internet.

Programming Skills in MATLAB, C, C++, Visual Basic, Agilent VEE, LabVIEW and Pascal.

Experience/skills in use of simulation packages including NEC, Agilent ADS, GERBER and CST Microwave Studio.

Practical skills include Anechoic Chamber maintenance, antenna and propagation measurements, use of RF equipment including wideband MIMO channel sounder amplifiers, spectrum analysers, network analysers, radio test sets and test rigging. Also have PCB design, RF circuit design, antenna design and soldiering competence.

Professional skills and experience in oral presentations, data presentation, report writing, project management, negotiation, team work, leadership, time management, basic accounting and marketing.

Languages: Proficient spoken Danish with Conversational German and Japanese.

Other qualifications:

Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) UK endorsed certificate in RF engineering.

Associateship of the University of Surrey (AUS) for Professional Training.

UK Driving Licence.

Hobbies and interests:

Hill walking, cooking, photography, languages, leisure driving and travelling.





Current responsibilities:

Secretarial responsibilities for University of Surrey Staff and Postgraduate Christian Fellowship, www.spcfsurrey.org.uk, looking after speaker bookings and communications.

Co chair of the UK Christian Academic Network, www.c-a-n.org.uk, undertaking reviews of journals and small scale research projects plus helping general organisation and oversight of activities.

Serving on the IET Surrey Local Network Committee, in particular assisting in events where there is involvement of students.

Past responsibilities in reverse chronological order:

Executive of Guildford Friends International, www.friendsinternationalguildford.org.uk, responsible for organising large events with participation of up to 100 students on occasions.

A founder and pioneer of Aalborg International Friends, www.aalborginternationalfriends.dk. An initiative run by churches in Aalborg, Denmark to provide a friendship network to internationals living, working or studying in the town.

Coordinated a workgroup on researcher supervision and training within Eurodoc, www.eurodoc.net, the European council for young and early stage researchers.

Served as a voluntary project officer of the National Postgraduate Committee UK, www.npc.org.uk, continuing some work from the sabbatical post in writing publications, advising the new executive.

Worked as secretary of IET Younger Members Committee, Surrey Branch, helping to organise events for engineers in the local area and minting meetings.

Served two years as president of the University of Surrey Postgraduate Association. Gained experience in chairing meetings, acting as a representative, dealing with political issues in the Students Union and the University on behalf of postgraduates. The role also involved being a Students Union officer and membership of the University Senate among other committees. An invaluable experience to compliment many professional skills.

Served two years on the executive committee for the University of Surrey Christian Union. Gained much experience in leading small and large groups of people and overseeing other leaders. Following that directed postgraduate ministries continuing in leadership roles.