Convection 2016 at University of Surrey
Coupling moist convection and large scale dynamics in numerical weather prediction models
University of Surrey, UK
21-22 March, 2016
Sponsored by:
"Maths Foresees" EPSRC Network and University of Surrey

Ian Roulstone (Surrey), Alison Stirling (Met Office), Peter Clark (Reading), Matt Turner (Surrey), Bin Cheng (Surrey)

Schedule (PDF).

With the introduction of new more powerful computers, the Met Office is able to run its atmospheric weather code on finer grids, in order to make more accurate weather predictions. Precipitation and cloud predictions are on the very bottleneck of the next-generation weather code, which critically hinges on the modelling and understanding of the moist convection process. However, resolving moist convection dynamically via numerical PDEs on such finer grid sizes will still be infeasible in the next two decades, and therefore convection parametrization schemes will still be used. The major issue that this Workshop tries to address is that the currently used moist convection schemes do not accurately couple to large scale dynamics resolved by PDE solvers (``dynamical core''). The nature of this issue is multi-scale, multi-physical and cross-disciplinary, which demands that modern mathematical approaches play a critical role in the picture.