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Last updated December, 2012


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  1. M-theory and type IIA Flux Compactifications
    J. McOrist and S. Sethi
    JHEP 1212 (2012) 122, arXiv:1208.0261
  2. Monopole-Instantons in M2-brane Theories
    E. Martinec and J. McOrist
    submitted JHEP, arXiv:1112.4073
  3. T-dualising the Deformed and Resolved Conifold
    J. McOrist and A. B. Royston
    Class. and Quant. Grav. 29 (2012) 055014, arXiv:1107.5895
  4. Old Issues and Linear Sigma Models
    J. McOrist and I. Melnikov,
     Adv. Theor. Math. Phys.,  16 (2012) 251288, arXiv:1103.1322
  5. Relating Conifold Geometries to NS5-branes
    J. McOrist and A. B. Royston,
    Nucl. Phys. B849 (2011) 573-609, arXiv:1101.3552
  6. The Revival of (0,2) Linear Sigma Models
    J. McOrist
    Int. J. Mod. Phys. A26 (2011), 1-41, arXiv:1010.4667
  7. Geometries, Non-Geometries and Fluxes.,
    J. McOrist, D. R. Morrison and S. Sethi,
    Adv. Theor. Math. Phys., 14,  (2010), 1515, arXiv:1004.5447
  8. (0,2) Deformations of Linear Sigma Models.,
    M. Kreuzer, J. McOrist, I. Melnikov, and R. Plesser,
    JHEP 1107 (2011) 044, arXiv: 1001.2104
  9. Dynamical Vacuum Selection in String,
    D. Kutasov, O. Lunin, J. McOrist, and A. B. Royston,
    Nuclear Physics B833:64-95,2010, arXiv:0909.3319 ,
  10. D-term Supersymmetry Breaking,
    D. Kutasov, A. Giveon, J. McOrist, and A. B. Royston,
    Nuclear Physics B822:106-126,2009, arXiv:0904.0459  
  11. Monopole-Instantons in M2-brane theories
    J. McOrist and E. Martinec
    in preparation
  12. Summing the Instantons in Half-Twisted Linear Sigma Models,
    J.McOrist and I. Melnikov,
    JHEP 0902:026,2009, arXiv:0810.0012 .
  13. Type IIB Flux Compactifications via the String Worldsheet,
    W. D. Linch III, J. McOrist and B. C. Vallilo, 
    JHEP 0809:042 (2008) arXiv:0804.0613 .
  14. Half-Twisted Correlators from the Coulomb Branch
    J. McOrist and I. V. Melnikov,
    JHEP 0804:071 (2008), arXiv:0712.3272  
  15. Dispersion in a relativistic degenerate electron gas,
    J. McOrist, D. B. Melrose, and J. I. Weise,
    Journal of Plasma Physics, July (2006).
  16. Relativistic quantum plasma dispersion functions,
    D. B. Melrose, J. I. Weise, and J. McOrist, 
    Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General, Volume 39, Issue 27, pp. 8727-8740 (2006).
  17. Density of states functions for photonic crystals,
    R.C. McPhedran, L.C. Botten, J. McOrist, A.A. Asatryan, C.M. de Sterke, and N.A. Nicorovici,
    Phys. Rev. E, 69, 016609
  18. Hyperresolving phase-only filters with an optically-addressable liquid crystal spatial light modulator,
    J. McOrist, M.D. Sharma, CJR Sheppard and K. Matsuda,
    Micron (34), p.327-334, August 2003.


Chapters of Books


  1. Pair modes in relativistic quantum plasmas
    D.B., & McOrist, J.
    Hines memorial volume 2005.


International Conference Papers/Proceedings


  1. Quasiperiodic Green's Functions and the Density of States in Two-Dimensional Photonic Crystals,
    A. Asatryan, R. C. McPhedran, J. McOrist, L. C. Botten, C. M. de Sterke, N.A. Nicorovici, 
    ICIAM, Sydney, July 2003.
  2. An investigation of the axial properties of phase only filters,
    J. McOrist, M.D. Sharma and CJR Sheppard, 
    Proceedings of the15th Australian Institute of Physics Congress, Sydney, pg 283-285, ISBN 0-9598064-4-x, June 2002.
  3. Using an optically addressable liquid crystal spatial light modulator to generate phase only filters,
    M.D. Sharma, J. McOrist, CJR Sheppard, K. Matsuda,
    The 19th Congress of the International Commission on Optics, ICO, Firenze, Italy, Proc. SPIE 4829, pg 321-322, 2002.
  4. Super resolution with an optically addressable liquid crystal spatial light modulator, 
    J. McOrist, M. D. Sharma, and CJR Sheppard,
    Abstracts of the 17th Australian Conference on Electron Microscopy, Adelaide Convention Centre, pg 68-69, Feburary 2002.



Ph.D. University of Chicago, 2009.

Worldsheet Aspects of Heterotic String Compactifications

Supervisor:  Professor Savdeep Sethi.


M.Sc. University of Sydney, 2006

Some topics in Quantum Wave Dispersion in Degenerate Media

Supervisor: Professor Donald Melrose


B. Sc. Honours Thesis, University of Sydney 2003.

Gauge Dependence of the Electron Mass Operator

Supervisor: Professor Donald Melrose



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