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Konstantinos is a research fellow at Institute for Communications Systems - ICS home of 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC), formerly known as CCSR, at the University of Surrey, UK. His research is focused on Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) and how Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) can assist autonomous driving. He has experience on vehicular/mobile networks, where he investigated novel geo-routing techniques and position management schemes as well as effective transport protocols with multi-homing support for hybrid network architectures. His is also interested into applications for Intelligent Transportation Systems. He has participated in PRE-DRIVE-C2X and DRIVE C2X european projects, where he analysed the impact of Day-1 C-ITS applications, as well as industrial projects with Huawei Technologies on hybrid vehicular networks, where three patents have been filled.

He is currently working on the CARMA project and serves as a Work Package Leader and is responsible for the Architecture Specifications and the Accelerated Mobile Edge Infrastructure development. Previously, he had been working on the GrandUnion project, an InnovateUK project on making remote working secure, resilient and reliable.

Konstantinos is an active member of the NS-3 community; contributing to the ns-3-user mailing list as well as enhancements in the ns-3 code.

Specialties: Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV), Mobile Edge Computing (MEC), Routing protocols, Vehicular Adhoc Networks (VANET), Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), NS3

During his PhD, he developed a routing module for ns-3 implementing the functionalities of CLWPR. The description of this module can be found here.

You can also find useful tutorials and codes on NS-3 here.

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