Localised Patterns
Spots and localised patches of cellular hexagons have been observed in a variety of experiments from magnetic fluids to vertical vibrated media. Research here is focused on understanding two- and higher-dimensional localised structures in pattern forming systems.

Collaborators: Daniele Avitabile, John Burke, Jurgen Knobloch, Edgar Knobloch, Bjorn Sandstede, Arnd Scheel, Sergey Zelik, Reinhard Richter, Jason Bramburger.
PhD Students: Tasos Rossides, Jacob Brooks, Daniel Hill

Mathematical Criminology and Data Science
Analysis of models of burglary hotspots and Data Assimilation issues

Collaborators: Naratip Santitissadeekorn (Surrey), and Martin B. Short (Georgia Tech.)
PhD Students: Laura Jones, Steve Falconer, Jessica Furber

Evolution and Resilience of Industrial Ecosystems (ERIE)
This is a £4m interdisciplinary project (funded by EPSRC and University of Surrey) looking at developing tools to understand industrial ecosystems: http://erie.surrey.ac.uk/

PhD students: Jessica Rowden, Craig Shenton

Medical physics
We are developing and understanding mathematical models of cancers and tracers.

PhD student: Gary Chaffey

Collaborators: Andrew Nisbet (Royal Surrey County Hospital and University of Surrey), David Bradley (Surrey), and Entesar Dalah, and Anne Skeldon (Surrey).