The T. Brooke Benjamin Prize in Nonlinear Waves

  Awarded by SIAM


The T. Brooke Benjamin Prize in Nonlinear Waves is awarded by SIAM every two years to a mid-career established researcher for recent outstanding work on a topic in nonlinear waves, as evidenced by a body of work with at least one significant publication in English in a peer-reviewed journal within the four calendar years preceding the year of the award.

Link to the SIAM TBB Prize Webpage here and 2016 winners of the prize announced here

T. Brooke Benjamin (1929-1995) was a British applied mathematician who made seminal contributions to the subject of nonlinear waves and coherent structures throughout the latter half of the 20th century. Indeed, the Benjamin-Feir instability, Benjamin-Lighthill theory, Benjamin-Ursell theory, Benjamin-Ono equation, Benjamin-Bona-Mahony equation, proof of stability of the KdV solitary wave, Benjamin-Olver theory, and the Benjamin equation, to name a few key contributions, are central areas of study in the theory of nonlinear waves. He received his PhD in 1955, elected Fellow of the Royal Society in 1966, held positions at Cambridge, Essex, Penn State, and Oxford. He was appointed Sedleian Professor of Natural Philosophy at Oxford in 1979, a position which he held until his death in 1995. He was a fellow of Queen's College, Oxford. In addition to the above theories he had a significant impact on theories for solitary waves, gravity currents, waves on thin films, bubble dynamics, vortex breakdown, shallow water waves, Hamiltonian structures and conservation laws, impulse, and flow force.
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The TBB Prize in Nonlinear Waves was introduced by SIAM in 2015, and the first award was made at the SIAM Nonlinear Waves Conference in August 2016 in Philadelphia (link here). The award consists of a plaque and a cash award. An endowment for the prize has been set up, and a list of donors is given below. The fundraising effort was led by Thomas J Bridges (NWCS Activity Group Chair, 2015-6). Starting in 2018, the recipient of the prize will receive a cash award based on a fraction of the interest accumulated on the prize fund in the two years prior.

Total endowment raised (December 2016): $20,829

  List of Donors to the TBB Prize Fund
  Alejandro B. Aceves   (Professor, Southern Methodist University)
  David J. Acheson   (Emeritus Fellow, Jesus College, University of Oxford)
  John M. Ball   (Professor, University of Oxford, FRS, CBE)
  Helen Benjamin   (family, sister)
  Natalia Benjamin   (family, widow)
  Jerry L. Bona   (Professor, University of Illinois-Chicago)
  Spencer Bowman   (Actuarial Consultant, Towers Watson Ltd, London)
  Christopher J. Bridges   (Analyst, New Holland Capital Inc, NYC)
  Thomas J. Bridges   (Professor, University of Surrey)
  Alan & Sharon Champneys   (Professor, University of Bristol, and spouse)
  Peter A. Clarkson   (Professor, University of Kent)
  Anthony D. Cocker   (Chief Executive Officer, E.On UK)
  Alexander D.D. Craik   (Professor Emeritus, University of St Andrews)
  Frederic Dias   (Professor, University College Dublin)
  Stuart Doole   (Managing Director, Research at MSCI Inc, London)
  Athanassios S. Fokas   (Professor, University of Cambridge)
  Thomas Gotham   (family, grandson)
  Victoria B. Gotham   (family, daughter)
  Mark D. Groves (Professor, Universität des Saarlandes)  
  Jonathan J. Healey (Professor, University of Keele)  
  S. John Hogan (Professor, University of Bristol)  
  Julian C.R. Hunt (Professor Emeritus, UCL, FRS, CBE, House of Lords)  
  Christopher K.R.T. Jones (Professor, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill)  
  Panayotis G. Kevrekidis   (Professor, University of Massachusetts Amherst)
  John H. Maddocks (Professor, EPFL, Lausanne)  
  Paul A. Milewski (Professor, University of Bath)  
  Tom & Sylvia Mullin   (Professor Emeritus, University of Manchester, and spouse)
  Hilary Ockendon   (Emeritus, OCIAM, University of Oxford)
  Peter J. Olver   (Professor, University of Minnesota)
  Robert L. Sachs   (Professor, George Mason University)
  Shahrdad G. Sajjadi   (Professor, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University)
  Björn Sandstede   (Professor, Brown University)
  L. Ridgeway Scott   (Professor, University of Chicago)
  J. Trevor Stuart   (Professor Emeritus, Imperial College London, FRS)

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