Surface Water Waves 2001


S E Belcher (Reading)

T J Bridges (Surrey)

S G Sajjadi (Stennis Space Center)

To be held at the

Isaac Newton Institute

INI Surface Water Waves Page

12th-31st August 2001

Programme Themes
EuroConference on Water Waves
28-31 August 2001
Three-dimensional aspects
of nonlinear water waves
Wind-wave, wave-wave
and wave-turbulence interactions
New developments in the study of water waves
Mathematical aspects of water waves
LMS Spitalfields Day
* Scientific Committee
  M. Banner (University of New South Wales)
  J. L. Bona (University of Texas)
  J. C. R. Hunt FRS (University College, London)
  K. Kirchgaessner (University of Stuttgart)
  M. S. Longuet-Higgins FRS (UC, San Diego)
  J. W. Miles (UC, San Diego)
  D. H. Peregrine (University of Bristol)
  O. M. Phillips FRS (John Hopkins University)
  J. M. Vanden-Broeck (University of East Anglia)
Programme Topics
  Large-amplitude and breaking waves
  Wind-wave and wave-wave interactions
  Hamiltonian and multi-symplectic formlulations
  Solitary waves and fronts
  Water-wave turbulence and Euler-turbulence
  Linear and nonlinear asymptotic models
  Stability of waves and patterns
  Effect of dissipation and forcing
  Analysis and development of model PDEs
  Statistical versus deterministic nonlinear models
  Limiting form of 3D waves
  Integrability of water waves and model PDEs
Wind-over-Waves 2001
3rd-5th September, Churchill College, Cambridge
Sponsored by
The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications
  Three-day conference on fundamentals, forecasting and applications
of wind-wave coupling. Details to appear on the above IMA website.
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